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Is your computer affected by Virus from Internet or from other media. No worries, PC Guruz computer repair technician will clean up your Computer at incredible prices. Onsite Computer technicians will visit to check the virus problems and will completely remove viruses from your infected computer. Our support team will help in virus removal, spyware removal, Trojans removal, pop ups removal, ad-ware removal and infected data clean up service onsite as well as remotely all at affordable price in Toronto and other surrounding areas within GTA.

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Protect your computer from pop-ups, security threats and slow performance with spyware removal services from our onsite computer technician Toronto. Our computer technicians will troubleshoot spyware errors and schedule automatic spyware scans. We will assist in installing and configuring antispyware software on your computer. Secure your computer from growing online security threats.

Following the few simple steps outlined below can provide a good measure of security in very little time.
1) Use antivirus software and keep it up-to-date.
2) Install security patches.
For Windows updates, visit the Windows Update Center
3) Use a firewall.
4) Secure your browser.
5) Take control of your email.
6) Treat IM suspiciously.
7) Avoid P2P and distributed filesharing.
8) Keep abreast of Internet scams.
9) Don't fall victim to virus hoaxes.