Networking Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is building or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements (hence structured) called subsystems.
Our solutions engineers, sales professionals and supply professionals will work with you to assess your requirements on the infrastructure and cost-effective solutions that meet the current rich application environments and adapted to your company, as you more network requires.
 Infrastructure solutions
  • Category 5E, 6 and 10Gig Copper Solutions
  • Data Cabinets, Racking, Wire Management, Cable Tray
  • Ongoing Support and Moves, Adds and Changes
  • Residency Program for High Volume of Moves, Adds and Changes
  • Single Point of Contact Project Management
  • Multiple Vendor Offerings
  • Certified Industry Installer
  • Home office lines installation
  • Connect Phone, Internet & Cables ends
  • Voice & Data computer network cabling installation
  • DSL installation & repair
  • Telephone lines re-installed
  • Telephone network cabling installation
  • voice and data cabling installation
  • Telephone wiring upgrade
  • Telephone line(s) installation
  • Cable line installation
  • Voice and data cabling installation
  • Phone jack wire installation
  • Telephone and cable line wires re-routed relocated


PC Guruz provides Network support, set up and services to Home as well as Business users.Our Network service lets you use laptop, iPad, MAC, iPhone and other wireless device using single Internet connection, swap music, share a printer, centralize information, hook up other devices - all in cable-free freedom.

  • Connect Laptop to internet.
  • Establish secure wireless network.
  • Network File Sharing.
  • Printer Sharing on network.
  • Connect a device to network.
  • Install the network card.
  • Windows Network setup.
  • MAC network setup.
  • Linux Network setup and sharing.
  • Firewall Security settings.
  • Access your pc from anywhere.

Our network technician will visit onsite , connect any network enabled device such as a computer (Mac or PC), gaming console, printer or storage device so that you can share files, print , stream media from any computer connected to home network. 

When connecting a computer, we will configure it to access any shared directories or printers already existing on the network. We make sure that home or business network is secured , safe. Configure encryption on wireless router or access point.