Computer Repair Brampton

PC Guruz provides computer repair and support onsite as well as remote services to home and office users at incredible prices.

Our certified computer repair technicians are well experienced who can provide assistance in Computer services, Laptops repairs, Networks connectivity, Printers installation, BlackBerry setup and other peripheral devices not only onsite but remote support as well. The repair of problems can range from a minor setting that is incorrect, to spyware, viruses and as far as replacing hardware or an entire operating system.

  • Computer Repair Toronto.
  • On Site Computer Service.
  • Computer Virus Removal.
  • Remote Computer Support.
  • Laptop service Scarborough.
  • Computer Spyware Removal.
  • Wired/Wireless Networking.
  • Wireless Security Issues.
  • Computer Hardware Upgrades.
  • Computer Software Upgrades.
  • Certified Computer Technicians.
  • Unmatched Customer Service.
  • OnCall Computer tech support.
  • Wholly Canadian Owned and Proud of It!

Computer service Brampton.

Our tech experts will troubleshoot software and start-up errors on your computer and laptop for complete repair and maintenance. We will install/uninstall Windows operating systems and applications, compress and uncompress files, play different file formats etc. We will also configure your computer's and laptops Internet configuration and ensure that you have the latest drivers on your computer and laptop.

Brampton Service plan.

Our service plan includes thorough diagnosis and repair of your computer, integrated support for its peripherals etc. We will also troubleshoot start-up errors, Internet browser problems, virus detection and removal, and optimize your PC. We provide excellent solutions for every kind of computer problem. Our highly skilled technicians offer excellent services in Brampton and sort out numerous tech issues, including: PC repairs, removing computer viruses, up-gradations, boosting computer performance, troubleshooting and fixing hardware & software errors, removing spy ware, networking and Internet issues.

Operating System Installation - We will come to your home and install, or reinstall, Microsoft Windows and all critical updates onto your desktop or laptop. This service includes formatting, or clearing off, your hard drive which makes your system run smoother and brings it back up to speed.

Install / Upgrade Software Suite - We can install, upgrade, or repair one software suite and all critical updates on a single desktop or laptop. Examples of software suites include: Microsoft Office, Internet Security packages, etc.

Following the few simple steps outlined below can provide a good measure of security in very little time.

1) Use antivirus software and keep it up-to-date.
2) Install security patches.
For Windows updates, visit the Windows Update Center
3) Use a firewall.
4) Secure your browser.
5) Take control of your email.
6) Treat IM suspiciously.
7) Avoid P2P and distributed filesharing.
8) Keep abreast of Internet scams.
9) Don't fall victim to virus hoaxes.

  • Computer Repair Etobicoke.
  • Computer Service Brampton.
  • Wired Networking Service.
  • Wireless Networking Service in Brampton.
  • Computer Set Up Service.
  • Computer Installation Service in Markham.
  • Laptop services.
  • Computer Software Repair.
  • Qualified A+ PC Laptop Technicians.
  • Data Recovery Service in Brampton.
  • Virus removals Service in Brampton.
  • System Tune Up Service in Brampton.
  • Remote PC / Desktop Support.
  • Data Back Up Service in Brampton.
We are A+ Certified, IBM Certified and Microsoft System Certified Engineers.